Tel Aviv gets its own dumpster fire! Briefly.

It’s not every day that you get to leave your flat in Tel Aviv, turn around the corner and walk straight into a dumpster fire, but today is definitely one of those days. Behold the glory!

It’s like Tel Aviv just got its very own Burning Man, only instead of a burning man and lots of happy hippies it’s a FLAMING BIN FULL OF GARBAGE and mildly scared people scratching their heads wondering where the hell are the people meant to put out this FLAMING BIN FULL OF GARBAGE.

Even though I was in a mad rush to buy tofu, my commitment to my readers and this blog made me stop and capture this beautiful sight for you:


I wish I could have also captured that wonderful smell of burning plastic, but don’t worry!  We all survived and DIY Tel Aviv was there to film the moment where the brave men of the fire department put an end to Tel Aviv’s Hannukah in July (you know, because of the cruse of oil, only with a magical bin that keeps burning forever).