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You can ask your local independent bookstore to order it for you. Use ISBN 978-1-4709-3995-3 when ordering, so they can find it in the catalogue.


Order through the Sipur Pashut bookshop in Tel Aviv.

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Powell's - my favourite US bookshop
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You're only a few clicks away from owning a copy of the coolest Tel Aviv city guide!

Get your hands on over 170 pages of pure information about Tel Aviv – accommodation, transport, food, nightlife, art, activities and much more. DIY Tel Aviv is the original alternative city guide to Israel’s cultural hub, sharing the city’s best kept secrets with visitors and expats since 2010.

DIY Tel Aviv is 100% independent and not affiliated with any municipal or governmental organisations. It's a product of the Tel Aviv underground scene and features no advertising or sponsored listings. All the information inside is thoroughly researched and based on many years of Tel Aviv life, within the context of a broader global perspective.

Download the eBook directly from this site and get a download link that’s valid for 365 days. Use it to download any updates, including any new edition released during that time. Alternatively, you can buy the paperback on this site or the Kindle edition / paperback directly from the various Amazon sites around the world, as well as some other online retailers.

If you're an independent bookshop owner who would like to stock the guide, please contact me through the contact link above to discuss a wholesale discount.

"DIY Tel Aviv catalyzes fast integration in one of the most hedonistic and wholesome cities in the Middle East."

Green Prophet