Peaches is coming to Tel Aviv, OMFG!

Peaches live in Tel Aviv

OMFG, Peaches is coming to Tel Aviv for the first time this September! The queen of crazy, body-positive, sex-positive, queer-icony, incredibly provocative electro-clash has been around for 15 years, since crashing into the world with her Teaches of Peaches album and the instant hit Fuck the pain away (still awesome!).

Since then she’s released 4 more albums, collaborated with everyone from Iggy Pop to Joan Jett, Beth Ditto and Josh Homme and branched out to cinema, performance art and writing.

Now she’s promoting her latest album, Rub, which features appearances by Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), Feist and comedian Margaret Cho. Oh, and also this very NSFW video for the title track:


If you’ve ever seen this lady live then you are probably already holding your ticket. But if not, you should make full use of the fact that people in Tel Aviv are apparently a bit slow to react to the magic and grab yours while you can. We’re talking full on crazy stage show with lots of energy, crazy funny and dancey music, over the top outfits and – if other shows are anything to go by – dancing vaginas. That’s right, dancing vaginas.

It’s so rare (and welcome) to see shows in Israel that are not by has-beens I’ve been over since I hit puberty, so thank you, Zuzz Agency for doing it right yet again.

Take it from a woman who waited in the blazing sun for 2 hours for the gates to open and then sprinted across the entire Primavera festival site just to get in the queue for the Peaches secret stage gig last year – this is gonna be awesome. I regret nothing.

So, Peaches live in Tel Aviv on 6 September 2017 @ The Barby, which is really the best venue you could hope for in town for this. Tickets ae 139NIS from Tixwise.

Here’s what it might look like: