Tel Aviv Vegan and Vegetarian Guide 2023 (Food and more)

Could Tel Aviv be the most vegan-friendly city in the Middle East? The answer is – probably! From vegan (and vegetarian) restaurants to a fine selection of vegan fashion, you’ll feel right at home here if you’re following a meat or animal product-free diet.

Is Tel Aviv good for vegans?

Tel Aviv is amazing for vegans. Vegan awareness is a big thing in Tel Aviv, so you’ll have no trouble ordering vegan food, asking for a dish to be “veganised” or getting plant milk for your coffee.

You’ll see “Vegan Friendly” stickers adorning many businesses around town, making it easy to get vegan food or buy other vegan products. If you see that sticker on a shop or restaurant’s window or door, you can be sure there is either a proper, substantial vegan offering in place, or the place is predominantly or completely vegan.

You may have seen these stickers in your own country, but the organisation behind these actually started right here in Tel Aviv!

How easy is it to get vegan food in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv is extremely vegan friendly. It has a huge selection of specialist vegan and vegetarian restaurants, so you can easily avoid any place that serves meat or fish, eggs, or dairy on your visit. There are several vegan delis, bakeries and even ice cream places to choose from, too, and an awesome vegan pizza place, The Green Cat.

As local cuisine is rich in vegan options, you’ll be well looked after even if you need to go somewhere that isn’t 100% vegan.

Salad in Tel Aviv
Meals in Tel Aviv are pretty much always served with salad.

If you’re hanging out with non-vegans who want non-vegan food, watch out for those  “vegan friendly” stickers presented on many restaurant, cafe and bar windows. They’re literally everywhere.

You can easily eat at the city’s many hummus, falafel and sabich places (see the street food guide) that are cheap and readily available everywhere. Most restaurants, even the meat ones, will feature vegan options nowadays.

If you’re being dragged to a Kosher meat place, you’ll be happy to know that any meat-free option on the menu will most likely be vegan, as it can’t have dairy in it. A meat Kosher restaurant won’t even serve dairy milk with your after dinner coffee!

Check to make sure the dish doesn’t have things like eggs, or honey, although most places now opt to offer a fully vegan option.

If all else fails – Israelis have fresh salad with every meal and there are usually a few solid vegan choices in that department no matter where you go, even if you’re headed to a dedicated seafood restaurant in Jaffa or a steak restaurant. Burger places will pretty much all have a vegan burger on the menu now.

Hummus in Tel Aviv
Hummus is 100% vegan, and everywhere you go.

Is it easy to get vegetarian food in Tel Aviv?

If you’re a vegetarian or a pescatarian, there will be something for you to eat pretty much everywhere in town. You’ll also have an easy time frequenting anywhere that’s listed as “Kosher dairy” (Kasher Halavi). While fish may be served there, meat won’t be.

Hint: any Kosher pizza place will be vegetarian or pescatarian!

I do suggest trying the city’s vegan restaurants while you’re here, though, because they really do offer some amazing food.

What are some good vegan restaurants in Tel Aviv?

Nachmani 36 * 050-699-1062 * 11:00 – midnight daily

Mouth-wateringly amazing vegan food using plant-based ingredients that celebrate the huge variety of healthy, decadent food you can make out of it, without trying to imitate meat or fish dishes. Bring your vegan-sceptic friends and family here if you want them sold on veganism as an option.

Chlenov 27 * 03-5222829 * 11:00 – 23:00 Sun – Thu, Fri 11:00 – 16:00

Kosher, vegan Ethiopian with delicious food and a chilled cafe vibe.

Meshek Barzilay
Achad Haam 6 * 03-516-6329 * 8:00 – 23:00 daily

A bright, attractive place in the heart of scenic Neve Tzedek, with tasty food and a buzzy cafe vibe.

King George 41 * 055-973-5792 * Mon – Fri 11:00 – 23:00, Sat 12:00 – 23:00

100% vegan diner with American-style diner food, plus a bunch of Israeli / Middle Eastern street food favourites, including the famous “schnitzel in a pita”, shwarma and more (see street food guide for explanations of the non-vegan equivalents).

Where can you buy vegan fashion in Tel Aviv?

More and more local shoe and bag designers are opting to have at least a few vegan products on offer, while some are consciously 100% vegan.

Roni Kantor  – vintage inspired clothing and 100% vegan shoes and bags. Recently closed her physical store but ships everywhere in the world via her website.

Shani Bar  – Local shoe designer with a selection of vegan styles.

Story – A chain of fashion stores with mostly imported fashion. You can buy vegan Melissa shoes there.

If you have any more questions about Tel Aviv, check out the FAQ.

For more information about vegan and vegetarian friendly places and activities in Tel Aviv, check out the full DIY Tel Aviv guide. There’s a whole section dedicated to vegan fast food places, and another to vegan restaurants.