Yoga and Pilates classes in Tel Aviv

Yoga on the beach in Tel Aviv

Looking for English language yoga and Pilates classes in Tel Aviv? You’re in luck! Yoga is extremely popular in Tel Aviv and there are more yoga centres per neighbourhood than I’ve seen anywhere outside of some towns in India. I’ve certainly seen more yoga studios per square km in Tel Aviv than I’ve seen in London and even San Francisco.

Pilates, likewise, is hugely popular. Some studios offer both, others specialise in one or the other.

The Yoga Scene

Travel to the far East is more common than going to University in Israel and it seems many Israelis end up being inspired to teach and study yoga while there. You’ll also find Indian chai relatively common in local cafés, and Bollywood music for sale in some markets.

Whatever style of yoga you’re into, you’ll be able to find someone teaching it, whether you’re looking for Ashtanga yoga classes in Tel Aviv, Iyengar yoga, Bikram yoga, Kundalini yoga, Sivanada yoga, etc. There are even a few more obscure types of yoga available in Tel Aviv, including some developed by Israeli teachers.

The level of tuition is generally very high and many Israeli teachers were directly trained by the world’s best yogis, including BKS Iyengar himself, Danny Paradise, David Swenson and more.

Many centres have regular guest teacher workshops with big name teachers from abroad.
These workshops are taught in English and are usually reasonably priced. Some students actually travel from Europe to take a workshop with leading American or Indian teachers, as it’s cheaper to fly to Tel Aviv than to America.

You may be looking for a more spiritual class or a more physical one, hardcore postures and vinyasas or relaxation and meditation. Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find it in Tel Aviv.

Even if you’re completely new to yoga and just want to try it out while on holiday, you’ll find Tel Aviv a good place to start. There are often free or cheap yoga classes on the beach or in a local park.

For more information about yoga, meditation and Pilates classes in Tel Aviv, check out the full DIY Tel Aviv guide.

Pilates classes in Tel Aviv

There are some very good Pilates teachers in Tel Aviv, and you can find regular mat classes, as well as reformer classes. Class sizes vary from very small in some of the more exclusive studios, to much larger in big gyms and exercise studios. You can even sometimes find free Pilates classes on the beach.


Tel Aviv cat outside Pilates studio
This cat is doing his own Pilates class outside the studio

English Language Yoga and Pilates Classes in Tel Aviv

Most classes in the Tel Aviv yoga and Pilates centres are taught in Hebrew as standard, though some centres do offer regular English language yoga classes. The good news is that if you tell your teacher that you only speak English, they will happily address you in English throughout the class.

Yoga and Pilates Studio Facilities in Tel Aviv

Yoga studios in Tel Aviv are modern, comfortable and well-equipped. They are generally equipped with air conditioning and fans for the hot summer, as well as heating in winter. Yoga mats and props are generally provided, so you don’t need to worry about bringing your own mat. The quality of the equipment varies, but everything I’ve seen is perfectly usable.

Similarly with Pilates, studios generally offer all the equipment you need to practice.

Yoga and Pilates Studios in Tel Aviv

Studio Naim
Several locations in Florentin, Jaffa, Shapira, Rothschild, Maze, and more * 03-5188998

A fun, friendly bodywork / dance / yoga / Pilates studio with many classes throughout the week in several different styles. Bright, well-equipped studios and teachers who are always happy to teach in English.

Sivananda Yoga
Leteris 6 * 03-6961810

The Tel Aviv branch of this big, international yoga organisation. A pleasant studio with an Indian feel and a strong spiritual element. Expect very thorough hatha yoga, pranayama and meditation classes with quite a bit of chanting and teachers with adopted Indian names. English used on request.

Neve Tsedek-Noga Iyengar Yoga Center

This long-established place moved here from Neve Tzedek a while back and teaches the Iyengar form. It is affiliated with the centre in Pune. Great if you want a slower, more precise form of yoga.

Chandra Yoga

They teach Ashtanga, Iyengar and Vinyasa yoga, as well as Pilates for Yogis. There are also monthly Vipasana classes.

For more information about yoga, meditation and Pilates classes in Tel Aviv, check out the full DIY Tel Aviv guide.

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