Advertising / Services

While the DIY Tel Aviv guide itself is purposely advertising-free to give readers a better experience, this website and other related DIY Tel Aviv properties / social media channels are more flexible. Please see below for ways we can work together.

I am happy to discuss ways of working together that are not listed here, but please note that DIY Tel Aviv does NOT accept guest posts, nor does it sell text links. Don’t waste your time and mine by asking for either of these.

Who should contact me

Event organisers – feel free to get in touch. I don’t charge for listing events I like. If you want more exposure for your event, please see the advertising options below.

I also don’t charge for listing businesses in the DIY Tel Aviv guide, so feel free to let me know about yours. If you want more exposure, see below.

For other advertisers to be considered for the DIY Tel Aviv properties, the content, product or service must be relevant to site’s content and spirit. This is an alternative city guide, aimed at culturally-minded budget travelers, hipsters and students as well as tech savvy, ethical travelers and expats. Please spend some time acquainting yourself with DIY Tel Aviv before you contact me, to ascertain whether your brand fits. Hint: Luxury holiday brands, organised tours for the over 60, top 40 VIP clubs and Birthright trips probably don’t.

If you’re looking to hire me to do some writing or research for you, on the other hand, the scope is much wider. I’ve written about both budget and luxury travel, so am open to suggestions.

You can get in touch at shimrit(at) or via the contact form on this site.

Advertising Options

Social media

DIY Tel Aviv has an active Facebook and Insragram presence, with almost 7000 Facebook Fans and almost 3000 Instagram Followers. Full breakdown available on request. If you have a product or service that you think will give my followers real added value, please get in touch. I’m particularly interested in giveaways, competitions and deals for my followers, though am happy to promote events and pages,if I believe my readers would find them useful.


The DIY Tel Aviv monthly newsletter has over 900 subscribers. While the newsletter predominantly used to inform readers about DIY Tel Aviv news, subscribers have expressed interest in receiving more relevant information, as well as benefits such as discounts and deals. I am happy to discuss ways for you to reach my readers through the DIY Tel Aviv newsletter, though please note that the list itself is not for sale, as I value my readers’ privacy.

Sponsored Reviews

While I don’t offer sponsored posts, if you have a relevant product, event or service you would like me to review, please do contact me. I will approach it with an open mind and give an honest review.

Competitions and giveaways

My readers love freebies. Get in touch if you want to provide prizes for a competition or have any other creative ideas that could help my readers win some fun stuff. Any competition or giveaway run on this site will be heavily promoted across  social media channels.

Banner / Widget Ads

I’m happy to feature relevant ads on this site, in moderation. Contact me for traffic figures and rates.

Press / social media trips

As this is a site about Tel Aviv, I doubt there would be any value for you in sending me to cover your luxury resort in the Caribbean (but a girl can dream!). However, if you want to wine and dine me or send me somewhere in Tel Aviv or Israel and have me write about it / be part of a focus group / whatever, I’m more than happy to hear about it, because I love freebies too.

I am also available for:

Market research

I’ve already worked with several companies to provide insights into the Tel Aviv scene, from researching the drinking habits of locals to locating hot spots and trends in culture, nightlife, etc. If you or your company could use a better understanding of the people who make Tel Aviv, get in touch.

Interviews / Comments / Quotes

If you need a Tel Aviv expert to interview or get a quote from in an article or on TV / radio, feel free to get in touch. Please note that I expect a link and / or a prominent credit at the very least, so if you can’t offer that, don’t bother.

Article Writing

I’m an award-winning travel writer and a working journalist, with pieces published in Time Out Tel Aviv, Vice and several inflight magazines, including Easyjet and Virgin Australia. I have written many pieces about Tel Aviv, Israel and travel in general, so if you’re looking for a local expert who can write, definitely get in touch at shimrit(at) or via this site’s contact form.