Tel Aviv Dance Guide

Dancer street art in Tel Aviv

I don’t know what it is about Tel Aviv and Israel in general, but people here seem to have a very strong interest in dance, movement and bodywork. Tel Aviv has a large number dance and bodywork studios, especially considering how small it is. There are also quite a few dance centres showcasing local and international modern, classical and ethnic dance.
There are studios teaching various ballroom dances, tango, swing (lindy hop), belly dancing, African dance (including Ethiopian dance), jazz, street and hip hop and, of course, Israel’s own rather hideous form of folk dancing.

This is the sort of stuff that makes Tel Aviv a good place to either watch or try out just about any kind of dance. Israelis travel far and wide and train with dancers all over the world.

Dance classes in Tel Aviv

The level of tuition varies from place to place. In general, things like belly dancing are practically guaranteed to be well-taught as a significant part of Israel’s population is taught it practically at birth. Israel being an immigrant country also means many of the teachers of international dance were born and raised in the particular dance’s country of origin. You can get Argentinian tango teachers, Ethiopian teachers teaching Ethiopian dance, Brazilians teaching samba, etc.

Obviously that doesn’t guarantee a good teacher (and there are plenty of Israeli-born teachers of various so-called ethnic dances who are absolutely amazing) but it does usually mean you’ll get taught in the traditional way by someone with a deep understanding of a particular dance form and a style that’s true to form.

Contemporary dance in Tel Aviv is also generally very good. Israel has quite a few award winning dance troupes and teachers and many of them are based in and around Tel Aviv.

Dance classes are generally taught in Hebrew, apart from those taught by guest teachers from abroad or those teachers new to Israel who are still learning Hebrew. Most teachers will be able to easily accommodate English speakers, and let’s not forget this is a physical pursuit, so you should be able to watch and learn at the very least. Of course, any classes taught in English are a good place to meet other English speakers in Tel Aviv, if that’s something you want.

Dance shows in Tel Aviv

As for performances, there is always something happening that you can watch, including regular long-term runs, short runs of local troupes, guest dancers from abroad, and festivals.

Suzanne Dellal Tel Aviv
The Suzanne Dellal Center is a beautiful space that’s definitely worth a visit.

Dance places in Tel Aviv

Suzanne Dellal Center
Yehieli 5, Neve Tsedek * 03-5105656 *

Tel Aviv’s best known dance center is nonetheless as groundbreaking and breathtaking as can be. Enjoy the scenic, historic surroundings in the heart of Neve Tzedek, catch a local or international dance troupe or take a dance class, including the Gaga style invented by Ohad Naharin, chief choreographer of the Batsheva dance company.

Studio Naim
Several locations all over town * 03-5188998

Great for everything from contemporary to jazz, belly dancing, hip hop, and even cabaret. This modern, trendy place also offers gaga classes, as well as Pilates, fitness, and yoga.

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