Tel Aviv Nightlife Guide

Tel Aviv nightlife

Nowadays, some people come to Tel Aviv specifically to party. The city’s nightlife scene is world-famous, and for a very good reason. There’s also plenty of talk about Tel Aviv’s many excellent bars, offering everything from a chilled seaside beer, to craft beers, fine cocktails, and cheap (sic) shots.

There are plenty of things to do pretty much every single day of the week. From grabbing a drink at a pop-up bar to catching a local indie gig, or dancing till dawn in one of Tel Aviv’s famously hedonistic clubs, you’re pretty much guaranteed some very busy nights.

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Parties in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Bars

There are literally hundreds of bars in Tel Aviv that cater to pretty much every style, taste and budget, although alcohol here is not at all cheap. New bars open every week and some close suddenly, move, or fall out of grace with the local in crowd without notice. A bar that was cool six months ago could be totally dead right now, yet one that sucked last year could suddenly be experiencing a revival.

Ben Yehuda Street is touted as a popular nightlife area in some guides, as is the parallel Dizengoff Street. However, these are  mostly going to bore you to death if you’re looking for anything that isn’t basic, mainstream bars, tourist traps and other overpriced places playing mainstream hits. There are few exceptions, but this is hardly the city’s best nightlife area.  Allenby Street alternates between mainstream and sleazy, again with a few exceptions.

For a more interesting selection of places, head down to Florentin, where both the Levinsky market area and the area around Florentin St itself offer a whole stretch of bars. Learn more about Tel Aviv bars here.

For the full list of Tel Aviv’s best underground (and otherwise) bars, check out the full DIY Tel Aviv guide. It’s updated several times a year with the best the city has to offer.

Tel Aviv Live Music Venues

You can catch local acts play live every night of the week in Tel Aviv and there is nowadays also a steady flow of international acts (BDS permitting).

Major gigs usually happen in the Yarkon Park or the old Tel Aviv port, while medium sized and small-scale events happen all over town. Israelis and Tel Avivians in particular love live music, so there is something to see every single night of the week. Many local acts perform in English, though if you’re particularly keen on hearing stuff sung in Hebrew, there’s plenty of that as well. Find out more about Tel Aviv live music venues here.

Live band in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Clubs

Tel Aviv has always been hedonistic and it’s world famous for being a place where you can party pretty much 24 / 7. Should you believe the hype? Absolutely. Tel Aviv has an awesome party scene. It’s not quite as wild and heavily drug-fueled as London or Berlin, but it’s got plenty of action for even the most discerning of clubbers.

Don’t be fooled by the size of the country and city. Israeli DJs are generally a skilled, musically diverse bunch. But if that’s not enough, you can enjoy sets by big name international DJs every weekend.  Much of the action, especially the free action, actually happens in the smaller dance bars, although there are several big clubs to choose from, too.  Find out more about Tel Aviv clubs here.

For the full list of Tel Aviv’s best underground (and otherwise) clubs, music venues and much much more, check out the full DIY Tel Aviv guide.