Tel Aviv Nightclubs


Tel Aviv is party town and there are plenty of places to go dancing every night of the week. Big clubs, on the other hand, are not that common. There are a few good sized places, a couple of very big clubs and a lot of dance bars and glorified dance bars that call themselves clubs.
The main area for big commercial Tel Aviv clubs and bars used to be the Tel Aviv port, where there were big venues like the massive TLV club and smaller venues used to entertain mostly out of towners. Some of these have shut down and nights have moved to more central areas in town, but have stayed just as overpriced and sleazy.

Alternative clubs are generally in the south of Tel Aviv, in the Florentin neighbourhood and beyond, though there are smaller ones scattered in different places.

The Tel Aviv nightlife scene

The alternative scene in Tel Aviv is notorious for being a bit of a trend follower. This means that when something becomes popular, the whole city will be full of that kind of music and style, till it disappears off after a while to be replaced by something else. Some things, though, remain popular so you can find psychedelic trance nights, techno nights, house clubs and lots and lots of reggae, dancehall and dub.

Commercial Tel Aviv clubs will often have “selectors” on the door apart from security guys. These will generally be women who decide whether or not you’re cool enough to go in. The good news is that as a tourist, you’re likely to be a preferred audience member. Just smile and speak to them in your language and you should be fine.

The alternative clubs are generally more chilled about things, though security will still look in your bag on the way in to make sure you’re not carrying a weapon.

Do Tel Aviv clubs have a dress code?

Tel Aviv is a very casual city, so unless it’s specifically stated in the event invite / Facebook event, assume the dress code is pretty casual pretty much everywhere. Jeans, a T-shirt and trainers (sneakers) or even sandals should get you into most places, even those posh dance bars where some people wear slightly fancier clothes. Suits or suit jackets are hardly ever worn here. Even to weddings. If in doubt about the place you’re going to, check out their Facebook page for photos of past events. You’ll soon see you have nothing to worry about.

Can you smoke inside Tel Aviv clubs?

Note that while Tel Aviv has an indoors smoking ban, many clubs don’t strictly uphold it, so if you’re used to a smoke free environment, you’ll be grossly disappointed. On the other hand, if you’re a smoker, you’re going to love it. Recently the government has been cracking down on this, so now some clubs, like the Block club, are stricter.


Tel Aviv Clubs

These are some of the most popular.

The Block
Salame 157 (the New Central Bus Station Building) * 03-5378002

Tel Aviv’s flagship dance club with several rooms and a state of the art soundsystem. If you want an experience that’s sort of like Berlin (lots of German techno DJs play here), sort of like Detroit (likewise), yet very much Tel Aviv, this is your place. Thursday nights are generally techno nights. Friday nights are often gay nights, with the occasional techno party.

Allenby 94

Active throughout the week with alternative music gigs and parties. Tends to have a more eclectic range of nights than is usual in Tel Aviv. Expect everything from blues and rock to diverse electronica, world grooves and even rap and trap.

King George 48

Central and predominantly active on Fridays, this club brings over some very big names in techno and house. Is known for being a bit of a sleazy meat market type place, though recently the owners have been making efforts to make it more pleasant for women.

Breakfast Club / Milk
Rothschild 6

This popular place has a club-like space downstairs (the Breakfast Club) and a cool retro-ish dance bar upstairs (Milk). They have a good line up of parties, mostly in the house / tech house vein. Some gay / multisexual nights. Some events are free, others 30-50NIS.

For my full list of Tel Aviv’s best underground (and otherwise) clubs, check out the full DIY Tel Aviv guide. It’s updated several times a year with the best the city has to offer. You can download it from this site or buy the Kindle version or paperback from Amazon.

A selection of upcoming Tel Aviv parties

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