Tel Aviv event listings 13-19/9/15

DIY-events1-185x185Happy Jewish New Year, readers! There are many interesting things happening this week: events, performances, parties… did somebody say parties? Yes, there’s a bunch of cool parties taking place this week, most of them on Monday. We selected the best ones for you to enjoy and shake your booty until the sun comes up.



Sunday (tonight)

DJ P.L.Z.N.T @ Hoodna Bar from 20:00 –

Special sets for the Jewish New Year.

Happy hour until 21:00 (all drinks 1+1).

Free entrance.


Monday (tomorrow)

Shed & Levon Vincent | Breakfast Club @ Dolphinarium from 12:00 –

This will be the first Breakfast Club open-air party in broad daylight. The waves in the background will be the perfect landscape for dancing. Free, obviously.

Line up:

Levon Vincent (NYC) | Shed aka Head High (Germany)

Local support:

Uriah Klapter | Oren Marzam | Narkis Tepler | Amir Egozy | Naor Nurieli


Great Machine and friends @ Levontin 7 from 20:00 –

Jewish New Year’s Festival with full performances of art and rock and roll.

Bands: Hidrolizet, Giant LizardsGreat Machine and friends, Secret Brothers Band, White Screen, Firestar (premiere).

Music in charge of Dj Yonder.

50NIS on the door. 40NIS calling this number in advance: 0546663641.


David K @ Deli from 22:00 –

French DJ – Berlin based – David K will make you dance all night with his best tech-house sets.

Line up: Laurent Taieb | Naor | Ray Harel

40NIS on the door, 30NIS for the ones who join their Facebook event.


Ian Pooley @ Bootleg –

German DJ and producer Ian Pooley will be bringing us his best samples of various music styles – mainly house or tech house – mixed with Brazilian music. His unique sound makes him recognizable among hundreds of current productions.

Club: Adi Shabat | E-Bony

Bar: Tomer Peer | Maayan Bazak | Or Celvonik | Mirit Rechter

Doors open at 23:00. Tickets 70NIS on the door. Join the Facebook event before Monday at 21:00 and get there before 1:00 for 30NIS, and 50NIS after. Facebook event here.


Ostgut Ton | Zehn @ The Block –

A very long house-techno party will be taking place in The Block Club, celebrating the 10th birthday of Ostgut Ton, the label of the club Berghain/Panorama Bar (Berlin), conducted by six of this club’s residents:

Ben Klock | Atom & Tobias | Nick Höppner | Boris | Ryan Elliott

Local support:

Partok | Anna (Pacotek) | Tal Cohen | Apfelberg | Omri Anghel | Eilon Elikam

Doors open at 23:00. 70NIS on the door until 1:00 am (plus 1+1 shots on the bar). 130NIS after.


3 Floors Party | Flashback @ Duplex Club from 23:00 –

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the music from decades gone by, this is your night.

Zone 1: 80s hits – kitsch, new wave and Israeli. There’s a jacuzzi so bring your swimsuit.

DJs Tal Aviv | Stav Ben Yakar

Zone 2: 90s hits – Backstreet Boys special.

DJs Stav Ben Yakar | Ilia Grand Master | Ofir Sofer

Zone 3: Music from the 2000s to this day, in all styles.

DJs Ilia Badrov | Ran Arian

40NIS before midnight, 50NIS after. Something to take into account: Smoking is strictly prohibited on the danced floor.



Garden City Movement, as well as other bands and electronic music projects, will perform live from 16:00, as part of Teder – Tel Aviv’s summer pop up bar / radio station -. An exhibition of Jennifer Abessira’s work will be taking place as well. Free.


MEO @ Abraxas from 21:30 –

Fairy grunge night with Meat Eating Orchids (MEO). You can listen to them here and here. 20NIS on the door.



This Is How We Do It @ Clipa Theatre from 20:30 –

Interesting performance by Oded Zadok and Kazuyo Shionoiri, who play with the meaning of life while performing their day-to-day routines as a couple. If you are very curious to know what this is about, this video can give you an idea. Tickets 70NIS here.


Nimpha | An Evening for Female Creativity @ Kedem 83 from 20:00 –

Marking the opening of the new year, you are invited to two exciting and energized performances of sacred music, close to the sea.

MaYa Tri: Indian music, classical and semi classical, with a relaxing and exciting vibe.

Trio MalaiKa: Music from around Africa and the rest of the world, with traditional and original tunes. The show includes instruments like hang-drum, djembe, xylophones, congas and much more.

Free entrance, but bring some cash so you can support this awesome and talented musicians when they pass the hat.



In Between @ Machsan 2 –

Weekend of dance, animation, experimental film and performance art, from September 17 – 19.

Thursday at 20:00:

Snake patches by Efrat Rubin (50 min)

Three people are finding it difficult to grow up within family dynamics. Their roles are clear, but not predefined. Intense role-playing, saturated with feelings and memories.

Thursday at 21:00:

Caution! Concrete Mushrooms are low (60 min)

You can get more information about the tickets price and how to get them calling 03-9021563.


Arkadi Zaides @ Tmuna Theatre from 20:00 –

Performance by Tel-Aviv based choreographer and performer Arkadi Zaides as part of the Diver festival.

From the blurb: “Choreographer Arkadi Zaides focuses on a state of ongoing oscillation, offering the audience a kinesthetic, non-narrative practice, examining the tension between restlessness and stability in his body. By focusing on this tension Zaides wishes to ‘dig deep’ and unearth a somatic response to personal experiences of immigration, homelessness and in-betweenness”.

Tickets 70NIS calling this number: 03-5611211.



Adi Ulmansky | Vinyl Launch Show @ Pasaz from 22:30 –

Adi Ulmansky is having a special launch performance for her 10 inch vinyl, towards the next EP to come out.

There will be a special sale exhibition of ten records designed by ten different artists (10BY10) selected by Adi and inspired by vinyl music.

Special guests: Michael Cohen and Mo Rayon. DJ Galo will be on the turntables before the show.

55NIS on the door, 42NIS here.



First International Day Against Live Shipments @ Habima Square from 20:30 –

A protest against the live shipments of millions of animals who are transported like commodities around the world by air, sea and land, suffering all kinds of abuse all along their route.


Feher @ Abraxas from 22:30 –

Feher’s debut with her new project: electronic pop with a unique sound and a sweet vibe. Listen to Feher here. Tickets 20NIS on the door.


Art Exhibition and a Pop Up Tattoo Studio @ Hassa Gallery –

Artist Otok Cres will be showing his flashes in this new exhibition, as well as other paintings he’s made through the years. You’ll have the chance to pick up one or more of them and get inked or just take home the paint.

The opening will take place at 18:00. Live show by Eli Troinin and music in charge of DJ Nimrod Katzir.