Give the gift of Tel Aviv this Christhanukkah with these cool, unusual TLV-themed gifts

Tel Aviv bauhaus cups

Just because you’re not in Tel Aviv or Israel doesn’t mean you can’t buy some awesome stuff this Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanza / Festivus / holiday / whatever season! DIY Tel Aviv has gone through Etsy to find you some fun, unusual Tel Aviv-themed gifts that are handmade right here in town. If you know someone who’s missing this fine city, give them something to prop up those memories. You’ll also be supporting local artists and designers, which is also a good thing to do. Actually, the below items also make pretty cool gifts if you do live in Tel Aviv and want to bring or send something local to your family or friends elsewhere.

Hurry up though, if you want to get your stuff delivered on time, you’re gonna have to order soon, which is why I’m posting this now and not, you know, in December.

Tel Aviv-themed gifts

1. This cool art print of the Streets Cafe, Tel Aviv by Avitz


The Streets Cafe Tel Aviv

One of several fun Tel Aviv scenes available for sale in the shop, this cute print features a central Tel Aviv cafe favoured by many visiting students, expats and freelancers. If you’ve been to Tel Aviv, you may well recognise the location. Well, now it’s been immortalised in art. Actually, all of the Avitz Tel Aviv prints capture the city’s casual coffee culture vibe perfectly.

2. This cute Tel Aviv map coin purse

Tel Aviv map coin purse

This sweet purse features Rothschild Blvd. on one side and Kikar Hamedina on the other. Both of these areas are very posh, so hopefully it will help this coin purse attract money to the person you give it to, or at least give them motivation to save their pennies. The Tel Aviv range in this Etsy store also includes coasters and a clutch bag, but you can also find other city maps, an Israel map and even the world featured on passport holders, purses, etc.

3. This awesome Tel Aviv map pendant

Tel Aviv map pendant

How cool is that? An abstracted map of Tel Aviv you can wear around your neck wherever you go! Also available as a ring or a brooch. Even though we’re talking about Tel Aviv here, I should point out that you can also get maps of London, Paris, Tokyo, NYC, Jerusalem and other cities.

4. This stylish Bauhaus print

Bauhaus balcony by Dima Gorbachev

One of several beautifully simple representations of Tel Aviv’s famous Bauhaus buidlings by Dima Gorbachev. Instantly recognisable if you’ve seen the buildings, yet also wonderfully abstract. For the minimalist in your life.

5. These gorgeous Tel Aviv cups

Tel Aviv bauhaus cups

Each one is handmade and unique, featuring one of Tel Aviv’s famous Bauhaus buildings. Perfect for when you’re not in Tel Aviv, but want to channel both the city and the coffee culture.

6. This magnet featuring Ilana Zeffren’s famous cats

Tel Aviv cats by Ilana Zeffren

Nothing says Tel Aviv like cats, and these cats, by cartoonist Ilana Zeffren are famous. They feature regularly in the Haaretz newspaper comics and are generally seen saying witty things. This particular one is also available as a postcard. The store also features mugs, prints, greeting cards and badges all featuring the cats. There’s even a Hanukkah print. Topical!

7. This handy Tel Aviv forever calendar

Forever calendar by Tamar Bar

Help your forgetful friends remember important dates with this illustrated Bauhaus themed calendar by Tamar Bar. Each month featured a different Tel Aviv Bauhaus building and it’s designed to be used forever. Also for sale in the store are super cute pencil pouches with the same designs.

8. This “Tel Aviv bohemian hipster cat” necklace

Hipster cat by Xena style

Nothing says Tel Aviv like cats and hipsters, so this handmade necklaces is the perfect gift for either one or the other. It’s one of a range of a few different hipster Tel Aviv cats. In XenaStyle’s cool Etsy store you can also find earrings inspired by Tel Aviv vintage painted tiles, as well as all kinds of weird and wonderful pieces of funky jewellery. Broccoli vegan necklace anyone?

Made in Tel Aviv stuff that perfectly captures the Tel Aviv vibe

1. This wicked “Fuck Gender” top from Play Vegan

Fuck Gender by play vegan

Available as a tank top or a T-shirt, this super cool design is pretty self explanatory and very Tel Aviv (blah blah, gay capital of the Middle East blah blah). Also for sale in the Etsy shop are other queer and vegan themed shirts and pendants (because Tel Aviv is also the vegan capital of the Middle East now)  as well as sexy vegan “leather” harnesses in black or pink.

2. This very useful enamel badge by Compoco 

Need my space badge by Compoco

For when those trendy Tel Aviv cafes get a little bit too crowded and you just need some time alone with your coffee. The Etsy shop is teeming with awesome queer-themed, geek-themed and generally awesome-themed badges, stickers and cards.

3. This crazy piece of original embroidery art by Shelestaboo

Absinthe triptych embroidery art by Shelestaboo

About as unique as you can possible get and very Tel Aviv (cactus, cat, booze, loneliness and nudity). Comes in three pieces to make an animation. Also in the store are some erotic embroidery art pieces and a very neat “bitch” embroidery. Everything there is pretty much amazing and, being original art, is all one of a kind, too.

4. This neat and useful banner from Red Elk

No time to fuck banner by red elk

Hey, Tel Aviv is a busy place! Also, sometimes you just can’t get laid but want people to think you’e being celibate on purpose. Also in the Etsy stores are cool tote bags and awesome cushions and dolls.

5. This funky vegan party handbag by MeDusa

Medusa bag

The perfect bag for a night out in Tel Aviv – big enough for your phone, wallet and makeup, small enough to stay out of the cloakroom at the club without weighing you down. And of course, it’s cruelty free and gorgeous. Check out the rest of the stuff in the MeDusa store. Their bags are awesome and all 100% vegan.

6. This cool rock’n’roll cat top by Plasticjus

Plasticjus Meow Top

You too can dress like a cool Israeli celeb, by donning a very Tel Aviv PlasticJus rock or punk themed top, dress, body suit or jewellery. There’s even stuff for kids in the Etsy shop. Obviously, I chose this one, because: cat, but there are plenty more to choose from.

7. These impressive silver Bauhaus statement rings

Bauhaus rings by EtayM

These look like Tel Aviv buildings, and while I’m not 100% sure they relate to specific ones, they are certainly very Tel Aviv-looking statement pieces. Also, very cool-looking. There are other interesting jewellery pieces in the store, as well as some very modern Judaica. Handy if you’re shopping for someone who’s both Jewish and cool.



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