The 2016 edition of the DIY Tel Aviv guide is officially out!

DIY Tel Aviv 2016
Behold! The 2016 edition of Tel Aviv’s coolest English language guide is now officially out! You can get your very own copy from this very site by clicking the big pink button on the top right.

You can also get the print and Kindle copy from Amazon stores all over the world.



If you’re buying the guide or have bought earlier editions, please please please do consider leaving an Amazon review. You don’t need to have bought it there. All you need is an Amazon account. Nothing helps Amazon sales like good reviews and it only takes two seconds to click on the pretty five stars! 🙂

If you’ve downloaded the guide from this site in the past year (i.e. after January 18, 2015) you can use your existing download link to download this version too.

Lost your link? Email with the subject “Lost download link” and I’ll do my best to help. Please provide me with the approximate date you bought the guide and the email address you used.

Enjoy! 🙂