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DIY Berlin

TLDR: we’re working on a guide to Berlin to go with the Tel Aviv guide. There will be a crowdfunding campaign coming soon. Please share the news and follow us to get more info.

After many many years of publishing Tel Aviv’s one and only alternative English language guide, it’s time to spread the DIY guide joy to other cities! Our first stop is Berlin, and we’ll be running a crowdfunding campaign with some awesome perks soon, so read on, or, if you want to cut to the chase, just sign up to our designated campaign mailing list here and we’ll let you know when the campaign is up.

DIY Tel Aviv started in 2010. For 2020 I wanted to finally start covering other cities, so I partnered with some very well-connected Berlin buddies, and was 90% ready to send the DIY Berlin guide to my awesome designer Sasha to make pretty.

It had everything we like: clubs, bars, cafes, cool art, awesome shopping, queer hotspots, and an overall punk/techno/activist vibe, honouring those places on the Berlin scene that are inclusive, feminist, and led by or are friendly to refugees, immigrants, and other marginalised groups.

Our goal was (and still is) to help direct visitors (and their money) to places and organisations that are not only great to experience, but also support the local community.

Alas, we all know what happened in spring 2020.

With so many places changed, gone out of business, etc., plus a whole load of exciting new places opening, we need a bit more time, effort, and money, to make this happen, but we feel it’s more important than ever to support the Berlin underground scene.

We’ll be crowdfunding very soon to make this dream take form, and we’re inviting anyone who thinks they may want a guide like this to pre-order the guide through our campaign. There will also be a few exclusive perks not available anywhere else, so watch this space for announcements, or, better yet, sign up to the mailing list here.