War in Israel – How you can help


DIY Tel Aviv, as always, is horrified by senseless death and destruction wherever it might be. If you’ve been following this blog and reading my guide then you know where my politics stand in regards to the occupation and innocent lives being hurt in Gaza, but none of that can ever justify rape, murder, and kidnapping of women, children, the elderly, and, hell, men, because men deserve to live too.

Hamas are nobody’s friends and most Palestinians and Muslims are as horrified as anyone else by these atrocities performed in their name. Anyone who sees these acts as a valid form of resistance is an enemy of peace and humanity and is no longer our ally in the fight for a better future for both Palestinians and Israelis. In fact, they are the enemies of peace and humanity and should take their place on the wrong side of history with the worst humanity’s ever produced.

I’m feeling very hopeless right now, but in order to try and help me connect those who need help to those who are offering it and in order to help those who are watching from abroad and want to help, I’ve collated resources on this page here.

It’s in Hebrew but there are English sections, including a whole big section for places looking for donations. There are many different initiatives, which can be confusing, but they are all verified as genuine. You can see which ones resonates with you. Many have information in English you can read. Some are more generic, some are more specific, and some are for particular settlements, or even particular families that were hit hard. Any donation you can give to anyone will help someone.

You can use Google Translate for the rest if you are in Israel and want to volunteer.

I have no idea if this will help anyone, but even if I help one person or one organisation get some support they otherwise wouldn’t have, if I’ve helped make one connection between good people in this sea of crap, then that would have been worth it.

Stay safe. Spread love. The world is bigger than hate.