Tel Aviv real life superhero???

Tel Aviv superhero

My cousin took this picture yesterday on the corner of Rotschild and Nachmani. It seems Tel Aviv has its very own real life superhero. Finally, we’re on the map.

Have you seen this man?
Do you know what the hell he thinks he’s doing?

Did he watch Kickass and decide he could solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Did he read one comic book too many?

Answers on the back of a postcard, please…

This WTFTLV moment was brought to you by Vicki and her roving camera.

Inspired by this, I have decided to make this a new category on this blog, where I will put all the really weird shit that happens around this city. Believe me, there is a lot of weird shit.

2 Replies to “Tel Aviv real life superhero???

  1. I feel like Jerusalem has us pretty soundly beat for weird shit. They have a serious legion of street corner prophets who all think they’re Jeremiah or some other random biblical characters. Not to mention a few hundred thousand dudes dressed like 18th century Polish noblemen.

  2. I still think a superhero’s pretty high up there on the weirdo scale.

    It being Tel Aviv, it won’t surprise me if it turns out to be some advertising thing, though, which would be a lot less cool.

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