Tel Aviv event listings 23-29/8/15


Another week, another great list of events and many cool things to do in the always crazy and interesting Tel Aviv. Great performances, documentaries, a night-time ride… a little bit of everything.


Sunday (tonight)

HidroLizet + RPS Surfers @ Ozen Bar –

On the occasion of the 7th anniversary of this very representative bar, several interesting gigs will be taking place throughout these days. Start the week with HidroLizet’s garage blues and the fresh surf-rock vibe of RPS Surfers.

And directly from Cut Out Club, DJ Nitzan Horesh will be the one in charge of the music before, after and between performances. Doors open at 22:30. Tickets 30NIS on the door.



Tigris @ Rothschild 12 from 22:00 – A perfect combination of traditional and modern rhythms, mostly from East and West Africa, mixed with psychedelic sounds. Come and enjoy this performance full of crazy grooves. Free.

Listen to Tigris here.


Once Upon A Time There Was A King @ Kikar HaTarbut / Habima Square from 20:30 –

A fascinating documentary about playwright, director and author Nissim Aloni (1926 – 1998), who devoted his life to his art – theater – and was very successful in the sixties and seventies, but unfortunately ended his days being forgotten by the same ones who once considered him the king of Israeli theater. Includes rare archival materials, video and audio interviews with his friends, family and animation sequences.

80 min, Hebrew, English subtitles. Free.



Bint El Funk @ The Container from 22:00 – These guys combine traditional Yemenite music and funk with other genres. Be ready to enjoy a party full of sounds, rhythms, colours and scents from the East and West. Free.

Listen to Bint El Funk here and here.



Sun Tailor @ Levontin 7 from 21:00 – Before he starts his European tour, singer-songwriter Arnon Naor, aka Sun Tailor – one of the leading figures in the Israeli indie folk scene – will be performing a last concert. You can listen a little bit of his music here and here.

Opening act – Amos Zimmerman, another great talent.

Tickets 50NIS on the door, 40 NIS in advance here.



Critical Mass TLV | August Ride + Night Swim @ Rabin Square –

Critical Mass TLV is organizing another night-time ride, as they do the last weekend of every month. The goal of this ride is basically to have fun and remind people that bikes in Tel Aviv are here to stay and therefore, it’s important to have safer places to ride – we are talking about real bike paths – in the city.

Bring lights, reflectors, whistles, speakers, bells, etc., whatever you want to use to make yourself noticeable, and decorate your bike as you wish. Oh, and don’t forget your swimsuit, because this ride will end on the beach with a night swim.

Meet them on the western side of Rabin Square at 20:00. Free, obviously.


Gaza – An Inside Look @ Tel Aviv Cinematheque from 21:00 –

Documentary curated by B’Tselem. A glimpse into the life in Gaza during and after Operation Cast Lead, recorded by Gazan civilians themselves (diaries and videos). Includes a conversation through Skype with a resident of Gaza, a B’Tselem fieldworker who documents the daily life there via a video blog.

80 min, Arabic/Hebrew, English subtitles. Tickets can be purchased here, or calling 03-6060800.


Nonfinito | Year End Party @ Artport from 20:00 –

Join this very artistic year end party, starting with a performance by Tzion Abraham Hazan, followed by the presentation of Natalia Zourabova‘s new drawing book and Hinda Weiss‘ book launch, “Allenby Garden”. Music by DJ Ahah Eden. The exhibition will be open to the public during the event. Free.


4th Anniversary @ The Zone –

The Zone (HaEzor in Hebrew) will be celebrating its 4th anniversary in style, starting with a flyer exhibition, premiere screening of unreleased Zone recordings and the official launch of their SoundCloud channel, nice cocktails, plus many other surprises. They will be selling Zone merchandise with discounts, including t-shirts in various sizes and colors in 30NIS.

If you manage to survive all night long until 7:00 in the morning, a full continental breakfast will be served to you.

Doors open at 22:00. Free entrance.


Nick Cave Tribute @ Levontin 7 –

A tribute to the long and brilliant career of an Australian counterculture icon, the one and only, Nick Cave. Danny Aberjel, Aviran Haviv, Maayan Over, Roy Dahan, among others, will be performing the best of his songs.

Doors open at 22:30. Tickets 50NIS on the door, 38 NIS in advance here.



Taking down the Ma’ariv Bridge / Gesher Ma’ariv @ Gesher Ma’ariv from 07:55 –

The Ma’ariv Bridge (Gesher Ma’ariv in Hebrew), one of the most representative symbols of Tel Aviv and particularly of the southern area, will be destroyed after 39 years, to make way for the construction of a light rail network. This bridge was built to be used only for 3 months, but it ended up becoming a very well-known structure here throughout the years.

Don’t miss the chance to witness the demolition of the Ma’ariv Bridge from any roof top nearby (you know, it’s not something that happens every day). We recommend not gathering in the streets to avoid the large crowds, plus the spectacle will be nicer to see from above.


Ice Cream Shop Opening @ Buza – The most delicious ice cream of the north finally is arriving to Tel Aviv. Come this Friday from 12:00 to celebrate the opening of the first Buza shop in the city with lots of ice cream, including creative flavors such as Arak ice cream. Music in charge of DJ Khen Elmaleh.


Bad Kayma – Free Market | Back To School @ Bar Kayma from 12:00 –

Bad Kayma comes back this Friday. As usual, bring or take 2nd hand clothes, as many as you’d like, and this time they’ll be also accepting back to school stuff and supplies, like notebooks, stationery, school bags, in good condition of course. No money is involved (obviously).


Hamor Records Pop Up @ Casino San Remo from 12:00 –

Friday is the chosen day for Hamor Records to sell their selection of new and second hand records of great music from all around the world: Reggae, exotic groove, Greek, Turkish, Indian, Jaffa vibes, Israeli, African, Classic Rock, Brazilian and much, much more. If a tune you hear on the background catches your attention while being there, and want to purchase it, don’t hesitate to ask the guys there for more info, since they’ll be playing the best of the store. Free entrance.


Rock N Roll Spaceboat N° 4 @ Jaffa Port from 14:00 –

As every year, the guys of Reality Rehab Center are taking a boat out to sea to throw a wild party full of music with performances of Haya Miller, HaMasach HaLavan and Great Machine. Cold beer, whisky and tequila for the thirsty ones.

The party will take place in the ship “Sababa 5” with the Capt. Haggai Sternheim. In order to get tickets or more information about how to get them, call 0547414760.



Second Hand Sale @ Hoodna Bar from 15:00 – Shop for second hand clothing, shoes, accessories, housewares, records, artwork, musical instruments, etc. at this afternoon sale. Everything’s up to 30NIS. Good vibe, good music, cool beer (and air conditioner) are waiting for you.


Luna Abu Nassar @ Ozen Bar – Acoustic night with this very talented singer-songwriter from 20:00. 55NIS on the door. 50NIS if you buy them in advance here.


Ramzailech @ Levontin 7  from 22:30 – Traditional Klezmer melodies and melodic chants in Yiddish mixed with hardcore / punk / rock (or as the band call it, Hardcore Klezmer). Listen to them here and here.

Tickets 50NIS on the door and 33NIS here. We recommend booking in advance.