Parties in Tel Aviv 30/12 – 2/1/16 Including a few more New Year’s Eve Parties


More parties! Plenty of stuff to do if you’re still standing after tomorrow night and even one you can start the weekend off with. Also, a few last minute additions to the NYE line up of events. Happy New Year from DIY Tel Aviv! 🙂




Tonight (Wed)

Alex Usunov (Lunatic / Leipzig) headlines the Alphabet from 22:00 with Yogo and more on support. Free.


Thursday (NYE)

A few more parties worth checking out if you haven’t found your perfect one yet:

Massive band night @ Ozen Bar from 21:00 (first band at 22:00)

שיטי סיטי – ShittyCT
Sputnik Hi Fi ספוטניק היי פיי
The Boom Boom Boys
Skarate KID
The Turbans

and more. 50NIS on the door.


The generally sleazy and horrible Cat & Dog club is hosting the multisexual 4th Grade Party NYE, which might mean it doesn’t suck, because this line attracts a good crowd generally. One room dark 80s / industrial / goth / etc. and another happy 80s trash, kitsch and hits. Sign up via their site to guarantee entry for 50/60NIS. Otherwise it might fill up before you get there.


If you want to go out and party but don’t want to make too much of a big deal of it, Anna Loulou Has Rona Malkin and Asi playing some pretty and sometimes dark music and bottomless cava for 50NIS from 21:00 – 23:00. Free till 23:00, then 20NIS.



Benji, Jenia, Adi Shabat, Omri Guetta and Donna Tellos playing electronic stuff (techno and house) at the Deli from 22:00.


Bando – Rap / Trap night @ Pasaz from 22:00. Free.


Techno @ Bootleg from 23:30 with Dustin Zahn (Minneapolis / Berlin) and Yotam Avni. 50NIS before 1:00 if you join event. Otherwise up to 80NIS.


Hard techno with Pacotek @ Tahat from midnight – Anna – Micha Stahl – Soussana. 30NIS.



Meat Eating Orchids play live @ Pasaz from 21:00. Indie / alternative electronic DJing around the gig for the rest of the party. Free.


Free hip hop night @ Radio EPGB from 22:00:

Glass Vegas

Ori shochat