Alternative Israeli 90s Music on Spotify – a DIY Tel Aviv playlist

Spotify logo

So, Israel just got Spotify and everyone is really excited. But here’s the deal: Israeli music has been on Spotify for ages. It’s just that most people didn’t know it was there, cause most people who are not Israeli don’t know that much about Israeli music. So to celebrate the joyous union of Israel and Spotify, I’m playing around with some playlists. Here’s the first one, because I was feeling nostalgic. It’s mostly 90s, with a couple of late 80s songs that got in because, well, I was listening to them in the 90s and I like them (yes, I’m old). I’ll probably be adding more to the list as I go along, so feel free to follow it on Spotify if you are so inclined.

And when you’re done with this one, feel free to check out the 4+ hour long playlist of more current Israeli alternative sounds.