Have your say in the future of DIY Tel Aviv – take the survey!

Hey DIYers! I’ve got a quick survey running to determine what people think about the site and what you’d like to see more of.  You can help by giving me your opinion.

Basically, I’ve been running the DIY Tel Aviv blog as a side project, because it doesn’t make enough money on its own to allow me to work at it full time. I’d love to do it full time or at least spend more time doing it, but I want to keep the book itself advertising-free and as most people have adblock nowadays, the site itself makes very little money.

I’ve been thinking of starting some sort of Patreon-style subscription scheme (but without going through Patreon, cause they take some of the money themselves), so I want to find out:

  1. Do people actually read the most labour-intensive parts of the site (i.e. event listings / articles)
  2. What people think about those, what would you like to see more of
  3. Would anyone actually pay anything

I have almost 7000 fans on Facebook, so if everyone on there paid $1 a month….I’d be magnificently rich and running this blog from a tropical beach somewhere!

OK, so that’s obviously that’s not going to happen. But even if 500-600 people paid something like that, it could definitely bring improvements to the blog. What sort of improvement? That’s up to you! At the very least, doing this survey will help me know what people actually enjoy reading on my blog.

Use the link below to go to the survey and let me know.  Thanks 🙂