Things to do in Tel Aviv 15-21/3/15

DIY events


Some highlights of the great events coming up this week in Tel Aviv. It’s Election Day on Tuesday, which in Tel Aviv means even more partying… Get the Tel Aviv event listings app for more events and details. It’s free.

Sunday 15/3

Free gigs by two local bands – I was a bastard & ILLY @ Buxa

Acoustic American folk show by  ‎Maya Johanna @ Ozen Bar. NIS 35

Monday  16/3

Dub and electronica performance with Gaudi  plus Big Beat production Another MP and support by Kalbata.  98NIS advanceBuy tickets from the Barby website or call 03-5188123

Old Man River celebrate the launch of their new song One Step @ Haezor. Tickets 60 NIS advance.

Tuesday 17/3

Hasalon Shel Alaev play a powerful mix of Middle Eastern and world music @ Rothschild 12
Election Day Critical Mass – Cycle Ride and Picnic: Starting at 13:30 at Rabin Square, the traditional Critical Mass ride will ride together on the city’s roads,and finish at Bialik Square for a potluck picnic.

An afternoon gig by a surprise band and local DJs, all free from 13:00 at Buxa.

Wednesday 18/3

Joni Mitchell Tribute @ Levontin 7: Shelly & Rotem, Tal Flora Levi, Roei Dahan and several other local talents perform songs by Joni Mitchell in this special tribute night. NIS 35-50

Local electro-soul band Phototaxis launch their new album. Tickets are 70NIS at the door or 50 NIS advance – Buy tickets from the Barby website or call 03-5188123

Thursday 19/3

DJ Bright Funk plays African grooves at Ethiopian restaurant Tenat

Lecture: American Jews Caught Between Two Loyalties @ Windows House. The controversy surrounding Netanyahu’s speech in front of Congress has again proven the relationship between Washington and Israel to be very complicated. Guest Speaker Guy Frenkel will help you to get a clearer image of this very interesting subject.

Live show @ Ozen Bar from Liron Amram combining traditional Yemenite songs with modern electronic music and funk. Listen. NIS 30-35

Friday 20/3

Balkan Beat Box play their unique international blend @ Barby. Tickets are 103NIS advance or 130 NIS at the door. Buy tickets from the Barby website or call 03-5188123

“LO” @ Bar Kayma: An acoustic trio performing minimalist rock at this afternoon gig. Free, but donations are strongly encouraged.

Buttering Trio Live @ Pasaz: A live show by Buttering Trio, followed by a party with DJs Galo, Hectik and Mo Rayon. 50 NIS

Saturday 21/3

Punk Rock and Garage shows by Left and Shifka Chiefs @ Levontin 7.

Inga-Dingo play pop / psychadelic rock / Avant garde music @ Ozen Bar. NIS 30