Things to do in Tel Aviv 30/8-5/9

DIY-events1-185x185We start the week saying good-bye to August and welcoming September. That means, of course, good-bye to the annoying humid heat of the season (well, gradually… don’t get so excited) and a new week full of activities, among them, some selected exhibitions from the Tel Aviv Illustration Week, plus some cool parties and more.


Sunday (tonight)

Clueless Themed Farewell / Birthday Party @ Har Sinai from 20:00 –

Having a farewell party is a must thing to do when you are about to leave your country and move abroad. Well, at least that’s the idea of this party that will take place in Har Sinai, inspired in the movie “Clueless” (who doesn’t love a good theme party?). Plus, they’ll be also celebrating a birthday.

Come on and crash this party, with your best rad outfit: plaid patterns, big necklaces and pom-poms. Expect the kind of music Cher and Dionne would love to sing, also, a screening of the aforementioned film that probably you have seen already around two hundred times, but you’re still not tired of it.



Red Elk Pop Up Shop @ Kuli Alma from 21:00 –

Red Elk – a vegan-friendly studio for handmade products created by Legendary Ivan – is opening a huge pop up sale at Kuli Alma (August 31 – September 2), every night from 21:00 to 01:30. You’ll be able to find a big variety of cute bags, toys, drawings, posters, stickers and many more surprises. The music will be in charge of Elhanan & the Prophecy Rage.


Mistypes @ Rothschild 12 from 22:00 – Reggae-rock fusion with a slight psychedelic groove. You can listen to them here. Free.



REO live @ Abraxas from 22:00 –

Lovely female dream electronic / pop duo. Tickets 30 NIS. Listen to REO here.



Docaviv | The Visit @ Tel Aviv Cinematheque from 19:45 –

The most recent film of director Michael Madsen, “The Visit”, offers a visual experience of another world by addressing an unusual issue: the visit of extraterrestrial beings. Madsen is known for approaching complicated issues in his films, such as communicating with the future about nuclear waste storage, and this time he turns his attention to outer space affairs.

Rather than a well-informed speculation, the film is a deeply philosophical inquiry about our own behavior and our triumphs and failures as a species. How do we see ourselves and how do we communicate with others?

83 min, English subtitles. Free entrance prior registration.

(Apparently all the places have sold out, but you can sign up for the waiting list).


Daniel Sapir @ Levontin 7 from 20:00 –

Israeli indie pop/rock. This will be his last concert in Tel Aviv before he starts with his European and American tour. You can listen to him here.

Tickets 40NIS on the door.


L’Après-midi @ Suzanne Dellal Center from 21:00 –

German choreographer Raimund Hoghe is one of the most influential makers of our time and is one of the most prominent representatives of European minimalist dance. This performance – L’Après-midi – is a remarkable solo of gestures and poses, of crystallized beauty and considered calmness created by Raimund Hoghe for Emmanuel Eggermont.

This will be his first performance in Israel, and in case you miss this one, you could also attend the one that will take place on Thursday 03 at 21:00.

Tickets 70NIS here.



LaCULTURE + Pulp | Animalism | Opening event @ Maze 9 –

LaCULTURE – an initiative that promotes the art of young local artists – is taking part at Tel-Aviv’s Illustration Week 2015, in collaboration with Pulp, with a new and exciting exhibition about “Animalism”, featuring more than 80 local young illustrators and artists, who will have their art pieces exhibited and ready to sale in affordable prices (no more than 500NIS), in order to bring high quality art to the local art consumers.

The opening event will take place this Thursday from 18:00 to 23:00, but you can attend this exhibition on Friday (11:00-17:00) and Saturday (11:00-20:00) as well.


Yaya’s Sad Story – Butterfly Hunter | Exhibition @ Beit Ariela –

“Yaya’s sad story” is an original story by Amir Pollak which will be published in October 2015. This graphic novel tells us the story about a girl, a skeleton and a rabbit, and the adventures they live together. The first chapter, “Butterfly Hunter”, is the one we’ll have the chance to appreciate in this exhibition, that features around 36 illustrations and will be open to the public starting on Thursday from 10:00 to 20:00. Free.

The opening event will take place on Sunday 06 at 20:30.


Niv Ast @ Pasaz from 22:00 – Electronic indie rock / beats. He’ll be launching his ‘Defeats Remixes’ EP. Special VJ performance by Ido Ramon & Tal Hoiberger. Opening DJ set – Lava Dome.

Listen to Niv Ast here. Tickets 20NIS on the door.



Official Opening Party @ Craft & Bloom –

Come and join the Craft & Bloom’s official opening party and celebrate with them this Friday from 12:00 to 18:00.

The guys at Craft & Bloom combine and share things like workshop, gallery and garden in a casual, informal atmosphere, filled with a lot of creativity. They create their own furniture line using beautiful raw materials.

They’ll be serving Heineken to keep the guests fresh. Expect many more surprises.


Ramirez Brothers @ Ozen Bar from 22:00 –

These guys have an awesome rock sound, kind of like Mediterranean surf rock mixed with some kind of American-style rockabilly/blues stuff.

Tickets 60NIS on the door, 55NIS here.



Exchange | Exhibition @ Binyamin Gallery –

This exhibition from young artists graduated from Bezalel, a prestigious art school, presents three visual stories that talk to and tease each other, and challenge the audience in new and different ways of understanding. The attitude of the three stories to the physical structure of visual space creates new dimensions and affects the classic narrative structure of the story, raising questions about illustrations’ right to exist in an exhibition format.

The opening event will take place on Saturday evening at 20:30, but you’ll be able to attend the exhibition until Saturday 12, from Sunday to Thursday (15:00 – 22:00), Friday from 11:00 to 16:00, and Saturday from 11:00 to 22:00. Free.