The Teder is back!

event Teder ( is undoubtedly one of Tel Aviv’s favourite summer haunts. It’s a pop up radio station / open air bar that all of the city’s cool kids go to when they want to mingle over the summer months. It’s just reopened in a new “secret” location in town and is just getting set for another major season. It’s not a particularly well-kept secret, so luckily for you, DIY Tel Aviv is here to tell you all where it’s at. Basically, the entrance is just next door to the Uganda Bar (The Tel Aviv branch, not the Jerusalem one, of course). So head on down and see where basically anyone who’s anyone in Tel Aviv is going to end up in sooner or later over the next few months. Tonight they are open from 21:00 and Lena Popova will do a quick techno set before heading off to play the Pacotek party at Gagarin. Don’t forget to try the alcoholic slushies.