Middle Eastern punk gig and dubstep party this Saturday

Gig Saturday 16/4 at Radio EPGB there’s gonna be one wicked party. Melakekei Hapinka, a legendary Middle Eastern punk band will be playing, followed by a dubstep, electro rave party till morning with DJs Oi Boi and Sveta. DJ Eilon will do the warm up slot with Middle Eastern inspired rock. If you’ve not seen (or even heard of) Melakekei Hapinka before, totally go. Their music style has been described as “Pogo (dancing) in the Taverna”. They are the best band you’ve never heard of.

So, doors at 20:00, band on at 21:00. Get there early or you may have to queue up and wait to be let in.
20NIS entry which is cheap cheap cheap for what’s undoubtedly going to be a sweaty, messy night.