Last days of Teder

The end of the month is coming and with it, sadly, is the end of Teder. As someone very aptly said on their Facebook page – you wait ages for something different and exciting to happen in Tel Aviv and when it does, it’s temporary.

Be that as it may, you can still sample the goods for, well, just over a week. It’s a radio station, so you can listen to it at home if you can’t make it there. Frankly, though, it’s kinda cooler to go there, because it’s also a bar. There’s booze and food and stuff, plus, well, all the cool kids are doing it. The last Saturday of this month will be the closing party, so you’ll want to be there for that. Of course, to get a taste of the place on a normal day, you should also go before. It’s open every day from lunchtime, apart from Friday evenings / nights when it’s shut (it’s right next to a big synagogue so they kinda have to).