Things to do in Tel Aviv 28/6-4/7

DIY events

A jolly week is upon us with lots of good stuff happening, especially, it seems, at the Kuli Alma. Don’t miss the Tel Aviv water war on Friday! As always, more events are in our smartphone app, so get your phone or your friend’s phone if you’re still in need of more action.



Tonight (Sunday)

Tatran Experimental gig @ Kuli Alma from 21:00 – Improvised, experimental, instrumental gig in the courtyard. Free.


Cello Signal @ Rothschild 12. No idea when it starts. I’m guessing around 21:00 or 22:00? (venues and artists here are notoriously vague sometimes). Interesting cello / electronica fusion with some psychedelic touches. Free.


Blues & Booze – the weekly night of free blues @ Pasaz from 21:00. This time there’s a Jimi Hendrix tribute band on before the usual open jam. If you play an instrument, bring it and sign up to play by 00:30.


Tomorrow (Monday)

Defeater (Boston, USA) Live @ Koro from 21:00 –

Hardcore band from Boston playing 2 gigs in Tel Aviv:

The one in the Koro is an acoustic show, (50NIS, 21:00)

Also at Levontin 7 on the 30th (full hardcore show, 120NIS, 21:00)


Service Lab @ Kuli Alma from 21:00 –

Free gig.

Listen to Service Lab



Pattie Boyds Album Launch @ Barby from 20:30 –

Zohar Gabbay on support and some special guest on stage. Tickets around 60NIS.

Watch them


Joove & Bill & Murray live @ Kuli Alma from 22:00 –

Free double bill of raw talent.

Watch Joove

Watch Bill & Murray



Karma She Dyslexic Experience @ CCA from 20:00 – Weird psychedelic hip hop full stage show armed with a martial artist, drag queens, exotic dancers and video art.  The most outrageous thing you’ll see this week and beyond. Free.


Late Night Jazz @ Rothschild 12 from 23:00 – Barak Mori hosts a line up of surprise guests for this sophisticated weekly night of live jazz at this derelict-chic, yet upmarket bar. Free.


Armon Ashan @ Mini Club from 23:00 – Strange performance art, post drag and queer performances, plus a totally fun party with funk, soul and electronic music. 10NIS, which includes a free chaser.



Punkoustic 10 @ Koro from 19:00 – The Koro will be taken over by heaps and heaps of rock, punk, hardcore, noise  bands for a night of 100% acoustic shows. Some of the city’s finest will be doing gigs, including secret special guests (though the list is too long to mention so they’re all secret to you). Only 10NIS. Vegan food, booze and merch available.


Unbirthday Camp Decompression @ Dancing Camel from 20:00 – Missing Midburn or Burning Man? Never been but want to experience the vibe? Then join Midburn’s Unbirthday Camp for their very own decompression party. Come dressed up crazy. Everyone else will be. Free.


RPS Surfers live @ Shapira Community Garden from 20:00 –

Cool surf rock gig at this cool communal garden in this cool neighbourhood. Only 10NIS, plus cheap cheap booze.

Watch the RPS Surfers

The community garden is at Yisrael Misalant 27.



The Tel Aviv Blues Festival opens and will be running till the 6th. 40 gigs in 20 clubs. Some free some cheap.

Also – masterclasses, workshops and more.

Official site is here (Hebrew only, unfortunately).


This has been postponed! It’s now on July 10th. Tel Aviv Water War @ Rabin Square from 14:14 – The annual Tel Aviv water war is back! Grab your water balloons, water guns and anything else you have that shoots water and head over to Rabin Square, where the countdown will start at 14:14 on the dot, signalling the beginning of the fun. Bring your friends, family, lovers and enemies. Free.


Jaffa Tour with Zochrot –

Friday, July 3rd 2015, at 16:00–18:30.
Meeting point: Yehuda Hayamit St. Jaffa (Corner of Dror St).
The tour will end at the clock tower square in Jaffa.

OmrimYeshna Eretz// Hikayat Balad – Once upon a Land – offers 18 tours in Arabic and Hebrew in Palestinian neighborhoods and villages whose inhabitants were expelled by Israel during the Nakba and largely destroyed. The tour in Jaffa will be guided by Ami Asher who wrote the tour for the book.
The tour will be held in Hebrew. Translation to English will be available.
For more details: Zochrot: 03-6953155, Umar al-Ghubari: 052-8743099
To register for the tour:
The tour is free. Donations to Zochrot will be welcomed


Finley Quaye Live @ Tmuna Theatre from 21:30 – Yes yes, the real one. There can be only one. Nice mid-sized venue. 140NIS in advance or 160NIS on the door if it doesn’t sell out. Call 03-5611211 for tickets.


Carl Craig @ Duplex from 23:30 –  Detroit legend right here in Tel Aviv. Local support from Deep’a & Biri, TV Out, Anna and Yuval Medina. Tickets 90NIS in advance from here. 120-130 on the door.



Tattoo night @ Zimmer from 17:00 – A mysterious night of live music, DJs and cheap tattoos (yeah, you can get inked on the night at this very underground club. How’s that for a story?). Probably 10NIS to get in. Not sure how much the tats are.


Shelly and Rotem live @ Levontin 7 from 20:00 –

These talented girls are working on their debut album, so this is the last chance to see them for a while. Don’t miss it. 40NIS on the door or 30NIS in advance from here.

Listen to them here