Things to do in Tel Aviv 7-13/6/15


We have a huge week coming up, what with it being Pride month and all. Even a cynic like me can’t help but be excited by all the rainbow flags flying all over town. There will, of course, be some Pride parties in this week’s party post (coming out later this week), but whether or not you’re celebrating Pride day/week/month/year, there’s loads of stuff to do in Tel Aviv this week. Check out the highlights below. More, as always, in our app.

Today (Sunday)

Start of the Talking Art & CTLV Pride Week walking tours, that will be going on all week.

Here’s the blurb:

A special collaboration between “CTLV” and “Talking Art” – for the Gay Pride month in Tel Aviv. We bring you a tailor made series of Urban and Art tours, revealing the elements that make this city what it is.
Join us for a chance to experience the city’s everyday life through its culture, art, architecture and people.

Tours are led by Yonatan H. Mishal, Shani Werner and a team of experienced guides in their fields.

Our tours:
Tel Aviv Intro: Get to know Tel Aviv trough a walking tour of its most renowned boulevard
Tel Aviv’s GLBT landmarks
Rooftop tour, the city from above
Cross-Cultural Jaffa Tour
Gallery hops – let’s talk art!
Studio Visits Tour
Meet the monster – Art and culture in the New Central Bus Station of Tel Aviv
Graffiti and street art in south Tel Aviv

Walking tours go out four times a day, morning, noon and afternoon, for two hours each.
Price: 25 $ per person
For full info about the tours HERE:


Avishai Cohen & The Big Vicious Live @ Kuli Alma – Rare Show By International Trumpeter AVISHAI COHEN Feat. Beno Hendler & Noga Erez // Live Set By Yarin Lidor & Avigad Bagio. Free. From 21:00.



Labrador Labratories live @ Levontin 7 from 22:00. Watch Labrador Libraries


Weekly Raw Tapes night @ Radio EPGB. Free. Probably from around 22:00ish as there’s a Hebrew language music lecture happening before, from around 20:00.



Hummus making workshop @ South Tel Aviv –

Learn everything you need to know about making hummus and hummus-related condiments at this friendly workshop taught in English. This 2 hour workshop is fun, hands on and highly informative and you’ll get to make a communal hummus meal and eat some amazing food.

More details and registration from: imbar rogea – 0547275353 /



Ariel Pink live @ The Barby from 20:30 and surprisingly there are still tickets. They are 172NIS. Buy tickets from the Barby website or call 03-5188123



Designer Swimwear Sale @ Levontin 7 – 10-12/6 –  Designer Nufar Galpaz is holding a 3 day designer swimwear sale to welcome the summer.
10/6- 11:00-19:00
11/6 – 11:00-19:00
12/6 – 10:00-15:00


Rock the Trans @ Ozen Bar  from 22:00 –

An LGBT community rock night in support of the local transgender population. Lots of great local indie rock bands on the stage.

10NIS before 23:00, 20NIS after. More details at 03-5252896 (ext 0).


Fawda Project Live @ Anna Loulou – Electronica / Middle Eastern music cross with electronic oud. 30NIS.



Mosaico Ensemble Live @ East West House from 21:00 –

Instrumental fusion of Middle Eastern music, Jazz and Israeli groove.

Watch Mosaico Ensemble


Dirty Honkers live @ Ozen Bar from 22:30 – Tickets 50NIS.

Watch Dirty Honkers



The Tel Aviv pride parade, of course! From 12:00 @ Gan Meir and ending up in Charles Clore Park.

From 9:00-12:00 at Gan Meir there will be some stalls, gigs and speeches in Meir Garden. Everything is free.

For more information –


Friends with Benefits weekender @ Zimmer  – 12-13/6 from 16:00.

Tel Aviv’s best kept secret underground venue is struggling for survival in the only way it knows how – by holding a massive weekender of music, partying, activities and even a vegan BBQ.

12/6 from 16:00-00:00  – electronic shows + DJs

Mujahideen SS + Pica
Monguss Kobra

Super Sport
Mule driver

VJ Vajj

13.6 – 16:00 – 00:00 Vegan BBQ outside + day and night of gigs.

Suicidal Furnitures
Righteous Tombs
Total Komplet
The Orions

and many more.

Each day will probably only cost around 10-20NIS, but you are welcome to pay as much as you can to support this great place.


Paradize – physical theatre @ Clipa Theatre –

Unique physical theatre / performance art show. Tickets are 80NIS or 60NIS for students. Special deal for DIY Tel Aviv readers, use code “DIYheaven” to get 2 tickets for 120NIS, even if you’re not a student.

Tickets can be ordered at:

Or on the phone: 03-6879219 / 03-6399090

From the blurb: “A wild physical comedy that tells the story of a theatre company during a run of a show. The director plays the part of God, and is married to Eve, Adam is a spoiled diva and the snake a beginning actor. When the backstage technician carries out his cunning plot to takeover one of the prime roles on stage – their life is thrown into utter chaos, but the show must go on.
Behind the scenes you will experience the suspense of a quick costume
change, maneuvering complex backdrops, the anxiety of actors, power
struggles, life-size cardboard animals, excitement and despair, extension
cables, secret desires and private lives, who are turned in the duration of
one show to an exquisite farce of “reality-show” culture.”



Forever/Never – Performance art show @ Tel Aviv Museum of art –

Site specific performance art / physical theatre show. From the blurb:

The newest production by Clipa Theatre, moving on the border of
performance art, dance and visual art , this is a site specific piece, currently
running in Tel Aviv museum. The piece is dealing with representations of
violence, mostly in the media. More details here.

Tickets are 100NIS. Special Offer for DIY Tel Aviv readers, get two tickets for 140NIS instead of 200. Use code ForeverDIY when ordering.

Tickets can be ordered at (the site is also in English)

Or on the phone: 03-6879219 / 03-6399090


Blaine L Reininger (Tuxedomoon) Live @ Papaito Bar from 21:00 –

An intimate gig of both Tuxedomoon songs and songs from his solo career. Von Helix on support.

Tickets 110NIS in advance from here..