Tel Aviv event listings 20-26/9/15

DIY-events1-185x185Autumn will arrive officially this week, along with many events and parties that we’re selected for you. On Tuesday night most of the places here won’t be open due to the holidays (Yom Kippur). But you still have the rest of the days to enjoy of what this city has to offer. Check it out:


Sunday (tonight)

All-Most | Dance & Brain-Research on stage @ Machsan 2 from 20:30 –

An innovative collaboration between choreographer Ella Ben-Aharon and neuroscientist Dr. Asaf Bachrach.

This performance can be described as an experiment that documents physiological and cognitive responses of the dancers as well as the audience to perceptions of touch and relationships. I recommend watching this video so you can have a better idea.

Tickets: 03-9021563. Send a message to Ella & Edo to get your discount code.


The Cousins | Hafla Party @ Radio EPGB from 22:00 –

Party with a Middle Eastern – Greek vibe. Great atmosphere that includes the broadcast of Micha TV.

The Cousins aka Itamar Kluger and Asaf Elazary will bring us a mix of different styles of Middle Eastern and Western music, exploring diverse sounds and melodies. You can listen to them here and here.

Ori Kenneth will be in charge of the DJing.

Free entrance.


Ram & Uzi @ Levontin 7 from 22:30 –

Premiere performance of Ram Gabay (drums) and Uzi Ramirez (guitar) for the Jewish New Year. Tickets 30NIS on the door.



Daniel Sapir @ Bar Kayma from 21:00 –

Israeli indie pop/rock. You can listen to him here. Free.


Yonatan Maimon & Amit Silverman @ Hoodna –

Acoustic pop concert, singer-songwriter style, with a special guest, the jazz-oriented drummer Amit Silverman. Here you can listen some of Yonatan’s music.

Doors open at 21:30 and show starts at 22:15. Free entrance, but bring some cash so you can support this awesome and talented musicians when they pass the hat.


Disco Mahshi @ Pasaz from 22:30 –

Time to party in a very Middle Eastern style. The evening will start with the guys of Black Lulu and their sets full of Egyptian, Lebanese and Turkish rhythms.

DJ Ophir Toubul will fill the night with a set of great tunes collected by him over the years from all over the Middle East and North Africa to match the atmosphere of this party. DJ Ilan Rafa Zikri will be also joining them.

A belly dancer and original Palestinian food are also awaiting for you. Free entrance.



Take Me to Church @ Anna Loulou from 21:00 –

If you feel like keeping on the spiritual mood after Yom Kippur but also looking for some fun, move your butt to Anna Loulou and see what they have ready for you.

Music will be in charge of DJ Etai Darway (vinyl-only) and his sets of Gospel / Christian / Religious Hymns. Free entrance.


Jonz @ Hoodna –

Local indie / acoustic duet, their songs create an intimate vibe. You can try this or this one, and if you like them, go to the Hoodna Bar at 22:00. Free.



Kutiman & his Orchestra @ Tel Aviv Museum of Art –

Tel Aviv Museum of Art will launch a project which will last all year long, in collaboration with local musician Kutiman (Ophir Kutiel).

The project will be launched in a special concert where he and his orchestra will be performing. During the live performance and until the end of it, the galleries in the main building will be open.

In addition, they will celebrate the recent release of Kutiman’s new vinyl ‘Space Cassava’.

Kutiman’s work became quite popular when he started mixing and integrating different solo performances made by people from all over the world in YouTube. Check his videos in his YouTube channel to understand a little bit more what it’s all about.

Doors open at 21:00, show starts at 21:30. To get more information about the tickets and their price (around 60-75NIS), call 03-6077020.


Screening of Little Shop of Horrors @ Rav Hen Dizengoff from 22:00 –

Special screening of this cult musical from the 80s, featuring a live cast on stage. The audience is invited to come disguised.

Tickets 53NIS if you buy them in advance in the place, 58NIS online.


Henrik Schwarz & Frank Wiedemann @ The Block –

German DJs Henrik Schwarz and Frank Wiedemann decided to join forces to make you dance all night long with their best deep house – techno sets.

Doors open at 23:00. 80NIS on the door until 1:00 am (plus 1+1 shots on the bar). 130NIS after.



Bad Kayma | Monthly Clothes Exchange Event @ Bar Kayma from 12:00 –

Bad Kayma comes back this Friday. As usual, bring or take 2nd hand clothes, all free of charge and you can bring or take as much as you want, in good condition (wearable and relevant) of course. If you want to help or volunteer in this event, feel free to contact them sending them a message through their Facebook page.


Lo @ Abraxas –

Indie / alternative / acoustic. They define their music as “singer-score-writer”. Listen to Lo here.

Doors open at 15:00, show starts at 16:00. 40NIS on the door.


Lee Triffon @ Pasaz from 21:30 –

Lee Triffon has collaborated in previous projects with musicians like Ariel Levinson (Another MP) and Roy Avital (Garden City Movement). Now she’s preparing her first EP. I recommend listening to her participation in the Kokoro project to see what it’s like. Expect electronic tunes with her personal style.

Guest artist: Kfir Melamed (bass and synth).

Free entrance.



Mercury Party @ Tahat from 23:15 –

Nothing better than a cosmic party to end the weekend.

Bill & Murray (bittersweet synth pop) and Nico Teen Band aka Zohar Shafir will be performing.

Line up: I zebra | Kiril (Stinky Russians) | Yonder

20NIS until midnight. 30NIS after.