DIY Tel Aviv 2023 (Digital Version)


The digital version of the guide, downloadable immediately after payment. Choose from several digital formats below.

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This is a digital, downloadable version of DIY Tel Aviv 2023. Great if you don’t want a physical book or if you’re already in Tel Aviv and just found out about this guide.

What you’re getting with the digital version:

175 pages of Tel Aviv information, some of which is not available anywhere else (at least not in English).  This is 100% pure information. There are no photos in the book! If you want the most comprehensive guide to Tel Aviv’s world famous underground scene (and beyond), this is the guide for you.

The download link is valid for a year, so if there are any updates to the guide during that time, you’ll be able to download the new version for free.

Choose your format from the following options:


The ePUB version is a free-flowing text file that’s suitable for using with various ebook readers.


The Mobi version is specifically for use with Kindle or the Kindle app.


The PDF version can be used with PDF viewers and is formatted just like the paperback book.


If you can’t decide which version you want or would like to get all three, this is the version for you, as it has all 3 types of downloadable file formats in it.





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