DIY Tel Aviv 2023 is out now!

DIY Tel Aviv 2023

Back in 2020 I proudly released a shiny new edition of the guide right before covid hit. During the past (almost) three years, DIY Tel Aviv pretty much went dormant as I had to dedicate my time to making money doing other things while travel wasn’t a thing.

But now it’s back!

The 2023 edition is packed full of info, including lots of new (and new to the guide) places. I won’t lie to you, going over the guide to remove all the places that went under during the pandemic wasn’t fun, and some of my favourite places in town are no longer with us. That said, Tel Aviv is always renewing and I have found some wonderful new places to add instead.

I’m slowly working on renovating this website, which includes some fun technical issues, so at the moment you can’t buy the guide directly from this website.

Here is the information on how to buy the DIY Tel Aviv right now

If you own a bookshop and would like to stock the book at a wholesale discount, talk to me.

Buy the guide, tell your friends, enjoy Tel Aviv!

It’s great to be back.