Tel Aviv event listings 16-22/8/15



As usual, we bring you a variety of events to attend and enjoy this week. There are even more events listed in the Tel Aviv event listings app.




Summer Chanting Circle @ Rabin Square from 18:30 – An evening full of love, happiness and unity. Unite in Babylon is organizing an open chanting circle in Rabin Square with dozens of artists and hundreds of participants synchronized with other circles around the world. Don’t worry if you don’t know any of the songs or the lyrics, feel free to join, open your heart, sing and dance to the rhythm of drums, overtones, Tibetan bowls and sacred chants. Free, obviously.



Shlomy Kaynan & Hila Davidi @ Bar Kayma – Shlomy Kaynan returns to the stage for an acoustic performance in the vegan-friendly Bar Kayma, this time accompanied by Hila Davidi (guitar). Enjoy of rock and roll tunes with a fresh and eclectic style, both in Hebrew and English. Doors open at 21:00. Free.


Clusters | an Ori Toor exhibition @ Kuli Alma –

Everyone is invited to attend Ori Toor’s solo exhibition that will take place in Kuli Alma. During your attendance, you will have the opportunity to witness the artist at work: he’ll be doing a live mural drawing.

This exhibition includes both his old and new works, as well as animated art / projection loops.

The opening is tonight and it will go on for more five evenings from 21:00 to 01:00. You’ll have the chance to buy posters and prints. Free entry.


Yorki HaEsh @ Rothschild 12 from 23:00 – Local alternative rock band performing in this restaurant/bar. Listen to them here and here. Free.



Workshop: Clown to not Clowns @ Brazilian Cultural Center –

For all the ones with a playful spirit. Thiago Klen (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and his workshop, “Clowns to not Clowns” will help you to stimulate your inner child, lose your fear of ridicule, and use clowning skills in any situation in your daily life as well, through breathing techniques, dance exercises and theatre games.

You don’t need to have any previous experience as a clown or an actor. The only requirement is to be open to play and enjoy.

The workshop will take place only for two Tuesdays (18/8 and 25/8/2015), from 18:30 to 21:30. 60NIS per day.


Congo Beat The Drums Screening @ Tel Aviv Cinematheque –

A special summer screening of Congo Beat The Drum will take place on Tuesday 18 from 22:00 at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque.

This documentary tells the story of two musicians from Tel Aviv, Ariel Tagar (Kalbata) and Uri Wertheim (Mixmonster), who travel to Jamaica, all the way to the Kingston ghettos, looking for their favorite singers. Once in Jamaica, they will face cultural challenges while trying to achieve their goal. We will witness a singular musical journey into the forgotten corners of reggae of the seventies and eighties. The documentary is in Hebrew/English with English subtitles.

You can check the trailer here, and purchase the tickets (30NIS, with discounts for senior citizens and soldiers) here.

For more information, visit their official website.



Hip Hop | Esek Shachor @ Barby –

Local hip hop duet Esek Shachor (Black Business) is back after more than a decade, and Barby is the chosen place to celebrate this reunion. They will be joined by several bands from the local hip hop scene like Tuna, Kafe Shachor Hazak, Peled, Axum, among many others.

Doors open at 20:30. Tickets 63NIS here, 80NIS on the door.



Taking down the Ma’ariv Bridge / Gesher Ma’ariv @ Gesher Ma’ariv from 00:30 –

The Ma’ariv Bridge (Gesher Ma’ariv in Hebrew), one of the most representative symbols of Tel Aviv and particularly of the southern area, will be destroyed after 39 years, to make way for the construction of a light rail network. This bridge was built to be used only for 3 months, but it ended up becoming a very well-known structure here throughout the years.

Don’t miss the chance to witness the demolition of the Ma’ariv Bridge from any roof top nearby (you know, it’s not something that happens every day). We recommend not gathering in the streets to avoid the large crowds, plus the spectacle will be nicer to see from above.



Straight Friendly Midburn party @ Kuli Alma –

The Straight Friendly Midburn Camp – the first gay camp at Midburn – is hosting a party as part of fundraising effort. Come and have a great time in a joyful and tolerant atmosphere, LGTBQ and straight ones, all together, where being sexy is what you decide it is.

Free from 10:45 until 12:00 (they’ll be happy to accept your donations though). 35NIS after.

For any further information, you can write Dror or any of the other event organisers. Facebook event here.


Flashback | 80’s Party @ Duplex Club from 22:30 –

Madonna’s and Michael Jackson’s birthdays are both in August. That’s a great reason to celebrate – if you’re into the 80’s pop vibe – and Flashback is bringing the party to the Duplex Club, with special versions of the classical of the aforementioned pop stars. Tickets 40NIS until 23:30. 50NIS after.


Farsh – Russian Retro Party @ Levontin 7 from 23:45 –

Come and party with the best pop and rock songs from the former Soviet Union and Russia, organised by the Farsh crew. Be ready for many tunes with a nostalgic vibe, but also a lot of fun. And having fun is something that Russians know how to do it well. With DJ Natisha Shpaner.

Tickets 10NIS until 00:30 on the door. 20NIS after.



Intimate Concert | Classical Indian Music @ the Heart of Tel Aviv from 20:30 –

Enjoy a wonderful journey to the beautiful and magical sounds of ancient tradition from North India. Jordi Prats – sarod player, disciple of Pandit Shib Das Chakraborty – and Amos Korman – tabla player, disciple of Pandit Nayan Ghosh – will be in charge to lead us into the quietness and the complexity of classical Indian music.

The concert will take place in Sderot Ben Gurion 48, 2nd floor, apartment 6. Price: Donate any amount you’d like.


Lotem @ Hoodna Bar from 22:00 –

Singer-songwriter Lotem will be performing along with her band Tzalal VeNeelam (“Dived and disappeared”), filling the night with melodic and sweet indie pop songs. You can listen to her here and here. Free.